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9. The Smuttynose Murders

Life on Smuttynose Island, in the Isles of Shoales,off the coast of New Hampshire, was hard in the 1870's. The winter months were bitter cold and the winter storms were devastating. Maren Hontvet, her sister Karen Christensen, and their sister-in-law Anethe Christensen dreaded the loneliness and isolation of the island when the men of the house were away fishing. The night of March 6, 1873, with the men away, the women were prepared to be alone in the cold house, but nothing could have prepared them for the arrival, by rowboat, of a deranged axe murderer.

Date: March 6, 1873
Location: Smuttynose Island, New Hampshire
Victims: Karen Christensen, Anethe Chritensen
Cause of Death: Blows from an axe
Accused: Louis Wagner
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